Never Deal With Basement Flooding Again

Ask about our sump pump installation & repair services in Minneapolis, MN

Most homeowners in Minneapolis, MN deal with moisture in their basements and many experience seasonal flooding. While this might not seem like a big issue now, it can cause serious water damage to your home over the years.

That's where Service Star Plumbing, LLC comes in. We provide sump pump installation and repair services to keep water and moisture out of your basement.

We even have backup sump pump batteries to protect your home when the power is out. Speak with our experts today for long-lasting sump pump repair services.

Why is a sump pump important?

Why is a sump pump important?

A sump pump system ensures that water is quickly removed from your basement before it has the chance to do damage. When water enters the pit where the sump pump is installed, it triggers a flotation device and begins pumping water out of your home.

Sump pump installation is a complex job and must be done correctly for your sump pump to work right. So call the experts at Service Star Plumbing when you need sump pump repairs or replacement services in Minneapolis, MN.